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Equipment - PA & Lighting
Top quality compact Dynacord Stereo Powered Mixer with EV speakers system which will cover any function from 4 to 600 people.

It is OK for clients to use our PA for speeches.


Disco effects lighting to cover the dance floor will be provided if requested to end the night with our DJ service and if space is available. 
(Please note: The Lights Provided Will Depend on Your Budget)

Band Requirements

Electricity - at least 1 standard 13A socket within short distance to the performance area. 


Food & refreshments for the musicians would be appreciated as on most occasions we have to travel long distances.

(No sandwiches please !!!) 

Dress Code

The band can be dressed in the following way:

Matching Greek Waistcoats & Red Belts

Smart casual


With many variables involved it is very difficult to provide a price that covers all eventualities, therefore, we quote for each function individually.

Please contact us via email or complete the enquiry form for an accurate quote.

Primary factors that affect pricing:

How many band members are required?

Would you like DJ Service at the end?

Day of the week

Set-up & finish times

Travelling distance

Booking done Direct with us or through Agent

Band Line-ups

Primarily Orpheus is a 3 piece band but can be presented in the following formats:


Solo - A solo performer (Keyboard / Vocals - Includes Background music)


Duo - Two performers (Bouzouki / Guitar, Keyboard / Vocals)


Trio - Three performers (Bouzouki, Keyboard / Vocals, Guitar)


Quartet - Four piece band (Bouzouki, Keyboard / Vocals, Guitar, Drums / Vocals)


We find that 3 hours of live music is the best format.

However, the timings can be totally flexible to fit in with any plans you may have.

If you need a Greek Entertainment for your wedding and you do not want (or cannot afford) to have Live Greek Band for the entire night, we could perform for 1 hour only and give your wedding a Greek flavour.


After this the DJ could take over.

(This option is very popular with our clients)


During this hour you could have Greek background music and singing, Greek Dancer to get your audience going and plates to smash (optional).

Health & Safety

Orpheus has performed in the most desired places so it has all the necessary paperwork


(Public Liability Insurance - £5.000.000, PAT Certificate, Risk Assessment)

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